Thursday, May 24, 2018

How Did “You” Get Selected as a Strategic Partner with the ASPR?

This is the question that I got from a retained recruiter at the ASPR Conference in Chicago. The next question was what percentage cut did they take? She seemed quite taken back.

First – my jaw dropped as this particular behemoth company in the industry has never spoken to me, looked at me or waved across the room in 17 years in the industry and countless conferences.

My response, “We honestly answered questions about our technology, our processes, our future and the value of our product for their members.  And we gave up nothing”.

This was an extensive vetting process and required Board approval. The ASPR was clear in their goals, partners who would offer their members a new choice in technologically advanced and fiscally responsible solutions.  They desire transparent partners who will share information and technology and work side-by-side to deliver information and tools to their members.  We feel pretty, well, “Validated and Honored” to be included in this group.

The commitment to success and innovation is not simply what they are talking about, they are walking the walk. Carey Goryl, Executive Director, and Allen Kram, Vendor & Partner Relations Chair, took the time to come to our office to see our platform, process and to talk about partnership ideas.

Clearly, The Inline Group has spent the last 10 years driving to automate and modernize the industry. It is very exciting to have an organization as respected as the ASPR recognizing the innovation and technology.

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